Monday, October 25, 2010

Things Return To Normal

This weekend my wife and I and several of our friends ran the Chosen: Half-Marathon for Adoption. While it was neither of our best times we both had a great time, and felt good the entire race. I will definitely look this race up next year, because it was done very well for its inaugural race. The only improvement I recommended we better mile markers.

It was a good cap to a week and vacation that didn't go as I expected. First I must say, I was disappointed in the trip to DC because of DC. I think I must watch too much PBS for my own good. They do such a good job of creating feelings and an certain ambiance around the memorials and museums that when I finally saw them I was disappointed. I am not saying they were not neat or interesting or worth the trip and time but the experience is similar to going to see a movie that your friend raved about only to leave thinking it was alright. The movie did live up to the hype. Even the trees were not as great as I had been told to expect. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with our family. We had a great time and I will miss hearing our cousin's three year old call me "Cramen."

Mayzie did great on the plane ride up there. Although she did not watch or even act remotely interested in the DVD we brought for her to watch. Our desire to keep her from watching TV might have backfired and now she is complete disinterested in it, but why complain about that right? However, I learned than about 5 days away from her bed and her routine is about the length that is best for her at 15 moths. She woke up at night and since we were sleeping in the same room and she could see us she started calling for us. "Mama, Dada" she would say over and over. We had to move her downstairs to the living room for anyone to get some sleep after the 5th night. The lack of sleep created a moody baby. On the plane ride home we thought we would skip her nap and let her sleep on the plane, BUT Mayzie now uses the words down and walk so she just wanted down and wanted to walk on the plane. Since, she does not understand the concept of "we can't do that right now" she was frustrated. That coupled with the whole tired, because we made her skip her nap, thing created a horrific mess of crying and screaming until she fell asleep. Thankfully that nap lasted all the way until we were at the terminal.

Once we were home, everything instantly returned to normal. Mayzie sleeps her 11-12 hours takes her 1-2 hr nap and is happy and playful.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A time to CHANGE

We've been spending a very small amount on diapers. Much smaller than I had expected and budgeted. We have found great success in the Target brand diapers. They come in boxes of 144 for just under $20 and we've been using one box per month. $20 per month is much better than the horror stories of hundreds of dollars per month on diapers we heard from people.

BUT times are changing we are approaching the next size diaper and they are about 3 dollars more expensive for about 20 less diapers. This should equate to about $25 per month. Still not bad, or is it? My biggest concern is that, for the last two weeks, Mayzie has been announcing when she needs a diaper change. If she pees just the tiniest bit she'll start walking around saying diaper over and over until we change it. If she sees a toilet she wants to sit on it. It is helpful when she poops because we instantly know about it. However, we're using more diapers than we did before because before we didn't know she peed the tiniest bit here and there. The good thing is she has connected the going to the bathroom feeling and REALLY wants to use the potty. So maybe we'll be potty training sooner than later.

I can only hope. Although it will be sad if she potty trains before she has more than 4 teeth.