Friday, April 23, 2010

Home Stretch

Well today looks like it might be the day, we make an offer on a house. We found two houses that pretty much have everything we like/want in a house.

Oddly enough they are just a few houses from each other and one is literally 3 houses away from parks, pools and an elementary school. One is a foreclosure that is in great condition as far as foreclosures go. The other is a nice house and would be move-in ready. It also is in more of a cul-de-sac type street with a large green area directly in front of the houses. It has a long driveway and a nice backyard. It also has a very nice front porch. Its only draw back is that it is more expensive than we were hoping, but we aren't sacrificing anything or taking any steps backward. It is a step or two forward.

All of this is going on while we are closely following the heart surgery for a little girl in our church. I don't know what God has in store for us, and I know that an expectation of a long life and good-health is only something that has been around for less than 100 years and mostly in developed countries, but I find myself praying or almost begging that my faith not be tested like theirs. I find myself praying or pretty much begging that my children are not the way people's faith is challenged or the reason they come to believe. It brings me to tears to acknowledge that my life, they're lives are not our own and I trust in the promise of eternity. No wonder this is non-sense to people who don't believe.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

KFC Double Down

I've been hearing a lot of negative press about the Double Down. You know the KFC sandwich were the bread is actually two pieces of fried chicken and between is two slices of bacon, and two slices of pepper jack cheese with some Colonel Sauce. Everyone has been pointing out how it is 540kcal and 32g of fat with 1380g of Sodium. The question always asked is why or who would ever eat one of these things!!

Before I had the kidney stone issue, I had rounded up a couple of co-workers to go try it with me. I ended up being the only one who tried it and my initial reaction was, "It isn't that bad!"

No it wasn't good, but really I was expecting it to taste disgusting, but I ate about 90% of it. Now I did feel disgustingly out of shape and fat after I ate it. In fact I had an overwhelming craving for water after eating this sandwich. I would never eat it again, especially at $4.99 for just the sandwich!! But I'm glad I tried it, and would say if you're interested you should too, it really doesn't taste that bad.

Kidney Stone

Well I have some good news! Right now, we are in the 2nd day of the option period in our contract. Contract on the HOUSE!! It was on the market exactly 1 week when we got the offer. We countered and they accepted our offer. It was a good offer and really the best case scenario for us in selling the house. The only real unexpected part was closing on May12th!! THAT IS REALLY SOON!! So we're in a hunt for a house or at least a place to live. I'm trying not to buy the egg crates before our chickens lay eggs (e.g. count your chickens before their hatched) because the inspection could always bring up something we weren't expecting, BUT we have fixed a lot of the things we knew about and we know about a few things so we're not expecting any surprises. We'll find out Saturday!!

The crazy part is we had already planned for my mom to come over and take care of the baby while we went to dinner. It happened to be good timing and we had something to celebrate. It probably would have been a great evening, except for I wasn't feeling well. I thought I might be experiencing a urinary tract infection, but as the pain grew exponentially worse the Doctor informed me it was probably a kidney stone.

I will spare you all the details, but you can ask me in person and I'll tell you but it was REALLY REALLY painful. It was one of those things that you don't understand unless you go through it, pray you don't.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Baby's Language

For a while now Mayzie has shown that she understands a few things. If you say, "Come Here" she will crawl over to you. She understands words like, clap, wave bye bye and her name.

The past few weeks she has consistently made sounds that sound similar to words and some that don't. She says, geesh (sounds like quiche with a G sound) and sometimes she points to something and says, "geesh." We have no idea what geesh is but she says it all the time. If I walk into a room and wave, she might wave and say something that sounds like, "Hi." I've been waving and saying hi to her for months now every time I see her whether I've been gone all day or a few minutes. She does this about 6-7 out of 10 times. The rest of the time she just smiles real big and starts crawling toward me.

BUT in the last week she's really been saying something consistently that could be her first word. I'm going to let her say it 2 or 3 more time before I'm ready to call it her first word. Because like the skeptical scientist I am, I don't take anyone's word for it and I don't want to assume only to find out later I'm wrong.

She's been saying, "dadada", "bababa", etc, etc for months. But over the past several days, when I would walk by or through a room she would smile and say, "dada." I didn't really put a lot of stock into until this weekend. Every time she would see me, she would say, "dada." Being the skeptical, but admittedly bias, person I would chalk it up to, the "oh that's cute" thought. I would respond and say, "yes this is daddy" and usually get down and kiss her or pick her up for a quick hug while I worked on the house. I figured it was just a fluke, but all day Saturday and Sunday she did it, and other people made notice that she did it. Then Monday came (I was home from work) and she would see me and say, "dada" not every time but frequent enough. Tuesday, I was again home and again she would say, "dada" not every time but most of the time.

THEN... Wednesday came. I was gone all day to work. I hadn't seen her since Tuesday night. Right as I arrived home we got into the car to go to eat and that's when she saw me and with a clear look me dead in the eyes (I don't think she ever blinks) look she said, "Dada" and smiled big. I was floored.

I really don't want to be one of those parents that, "oh look at what my kid is doing." Then everyone looks and it is a stretch of the imagination to see what the parent sees. After the past 4 days, capped with last night's incident I was 99% convinced she knew both how to say, "dada" and the context in which to say it. But I still am waiting for more independent verification from some of our friends to make it official.

Either way, I'm starting to think that Dada is going to be her first word.