Thursday, April 15, 2010

KFC Double Down

I've been hearing a lot of negative press about the Double Down. You know the KFC sandwich were the bread is actually two pieces of fried chicken and between is two slices of bacon, and two slices of pepper jack cheese with some Colonel Sauce. Everyone has been pointing out how it is 540kcal and 32g of fat with 1380g of Sodium. The question always asked is why or who would ever eat one of these things!!

Before I had the kidney stone issue, I had rounded up a couple of co-workers to go try it with me. I ended up being the only one who tried it and my initial reaction was, "It isn't that bad!"

No it wasn't good, but really I was expecting it to taste disgusting, but I ate about 90% of it. Now I did feel disgustingly out of shape and fat after I ate it. In fact I had an overwhelming craving for water after eating this sandwich. I would never eat it again, especially at $4.99 for just the sandwich!! But I'm glad I tried it, and would say if you're interested you should too, it really doesn't taste that bad.

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