Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Project

Yesterday, my wife and I were interviewed by a local paper on debt free living. It was fun, we enjoyed it and hopefully it will allow someone to see that debt really has control of some part of your life whether you realize it or not.

The doom and gloom part of me is worried someone will interpret our debt free lifestyle as rich with lots of cool stuff and break into our house only to realize we don't actually have any cool stuff and then I'm stuck with replacing windows or doors. I'll have to blog about my frustrations of not spending a lot of money on cool stuff which we did tell the reporter it is not a glamorous lifestyle.

Anyway, on to topic. We are in the final days before Christmas. I normally am not in "oh my gosh" mode but this year I am behind on finishing MGM's Christmas present. We purchased a kitchen months ago off Craigslist. We stored it in our garage under a blanket. It was pink and yellow and my wife and I decided to repaint it. Now, I've had some car body experience and so I have developed a good knowledge of how to paint things (including plastic) without them chipping and running and the such. However, if you're gonna do a good job you have to take your time. Especially with paint. Allowing it to dry completely is very important. Other details like humidity and temperature really affect how paints dry and act when their being sprayed. Recently we've had some cold days, but of course the great thing about Texas is how it can start out a bad day and end up a gorgeous day. Like this past Saturday we woke up to a chilly 30 degrees (3 degrees colder than DC) and by 3pm it was 68 degrees. 20 degrees warmer than DC. The problem this creates involves me working during the best time to paint and that 68 degrees is actually really cold for paint so it dries slowly. SO I'm having to let the paint dry overnight which dramatically slows the process.

So the way I figure I have at least two days until this kitchen is ready to reassemble. Which means I'll be putting it together Christmas Eve. I don't mind though... this is a Christmas rite of passage as far as I'm concerned. I'm looking forward to it. My wife has been helping me sand and paint and I think she'll blog about the process although we might both do it. Anyway I've had fun and it has gone well. I think it will look great and even if it doesn't MGM will love the kitchen.

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