Monday, December 21, 2009

A Brookshire-Katy Christmas

Well I was really looking forward to this weekend, I always have a lot of fun with my wife's family at their Christmas.

BUT this time we had a baby, the day (Saturday) started out great! The baby slept the whole way to Katy but then all the stimulation and everything going around the baby didn't sleep again!! She was miserable, normally she is a great baby. Happy, smiley and just all around content with life. This time she was miserable and everything made her cry and she didn't want to be anywhere but held. It ruined my day. My wife and I fought and it pretty much zapped all the energy out of me. Things were a little better on Sunday because she got two 1 hour naps but we were in a hole from the day before and so our normally smilely baby just looked and didn't interact much. Hopefully she'll be able to recover from this weekend today and be back to her normal smilely self tonight.

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  1. Good news, she is working on getting back to her normal self and so am I, now if the laundry would just get back to its normal self- done!